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Surprise Grocery Shopping

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Have you ever been in a grocery store line standing behind a customer who is trying to figure out what (s)he needs to take off the cart just to afford the groceries?
That has been my family and I for YEARS!

When I was in the 2nd grade, my family and I officially lost our home. We moved in with relatives, but things did not always work out so well at my relatives house. In 2002, it happened. We lost it all. We officially became homeless. I was in 7th grade and my older brothers were in high school. We went from friends' homes, to staying in hotels, to sleeping in a shelter that was at about an hour to hour and a half away from our schools. Gas tank STAYED on E, which sometimes forced my family and I to have to push the stalled car out of the street and ask strangers for gas money. Food? Well having food was like being in heaven for us. My mom would not eat just so my brothers and I could eat. (Talk about sacrifice.) Our luxury meals consisted of our favorite Chinese restaurant "Tasty Goody" and McDonald's. We would receive food vouchers, but they were only enough to feed 2 out of 4 of us.

Fortunately in January of 2004, we found our home. We moved into a 4 bedroom town home that was listed on the Section 8 properties. We each had our own room. But just because we had our own room, did not mean we always had food to eat. I know I could not wait to go to school sometimes just so I could eat. But then we would have to come home to empty kitchen. Being on welfare is not the greatest thing in the world. Some people take advantage of it. And others who really need it, don't receive enough to survive.

Having a home is great! But a home with no food, is not always so great. The government does what it can to help those in need. But I believe it's time for us to step up and help those who really need the help to survive. Some may not ask for the help because of honestly it feels quite humiliating to have people belittling you with their stares. Some people may not ask for help, because of pride. Some may not ask for help because they do not know how.

I want to go to grocery stores and spot out those customers in need and be a blessing to them. These grocery stores can be in the wealthiest neighborhoods to the roughest neighborhoods. No matter where they are, I want to bless them.

Will you help me help those in need?



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