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2011 was a great years for environment. Many people have worked hard for a green world. Look just Tony the Tigers, ban shark traffic fin in California, so many things who changed. But it’s not done yet. 2012 will come very fast. New things, new issues, new fight for a green world. Animals and environment need us for survive. The environment crisis and global warning is not over, they continue, day after day. Be an activist is not just pretend to want a green world. It’s doing everything for a green world , it’s hard but not impossible. We are millions of person, who thinking about the futur generation . Our children is the future generation, and they deserve to live in a safe world. 


In 2012, we must redouble our efforts, for every creature who living in this world. Fighting is never easy, it’s hard. It’s not always easy for me. Too much people don’t understand my choice, my fight for the environment. See animals hurt, hurt me a lot. Last month, I found an injured cat, and it’s was terrible. I’m my heart I was too much hurt, to see the suffering of that poor cat. Animals don’t deserve to be homeless, abuse and abandonned. But millions of animals, are abandonned, abuse everyday. They us IN 2012. 


Human deserve to be safe too. They deserve to live with clean water, clean air, but money and industry steal this right. We have the right to live in green world, to have access for our survive to natural ressources. Trees, water, air , they are thev soul of the human life. Without this three things we are nothing, we don’t exist. People that we care deserve to have access to clean water, but not just people that we are close, EVERYBODY DESERVE IT!


Be an hero, it’s not just to be like Superman, a GreenLantern, ou some superhuman that we see all the time in movie. It’s to have courage and will power, even if the battle is hard or that we don’t  believe that we are not strong enough for victory. It’s believe in a better world and work hard for that. Doing something good, it’s always beneficial !


For 2012, be like me, be a Green Heros, for a Green World !


I decided to launched a foundation called Green Hero for help environment and wildlife. I hope that my wish to create a foundation, will come true ! Join me for this wonderful adventure and become a Green Hero !


For help us, give to us for make our wish come true !



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Sabryna is working on selecting a charity so you can support Help Green Hero to be a foundation.