Race to $10 Million


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Race to $10 million Photo
Race to $10 million Photo

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Race to $10 Million

Six years ago, we embarked on a journey with a simple mission: help those without anywhere else to turn. We called this group the underdogs – the Zoes and Emberlyns that were never supposed to walk; the special needs daycares that now have a safe place for children to play; the Melissa Smiths that not only have a new home, but also a family of two million friends that have embraced their cause and rallied to their side.


This community has done so much: 200 causes, 79 wheelchair-accessible vehicles, 437 medical devices, 94 renovation projects, more than 5,000 impactful experiences. And yet, there is so much left to accomplish. We’re fast approaching the $10 million mark for aid distributed to the underdogs, and we’re so proud that Chive Nation has been with us every step of the way. Now let’s push this thing over the top so we’re ready to help the future Zoes, Emberlyns, and Melissas who will undoubtedly need us!

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Race to $10 million

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