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Green Living Science

Building awareness of and passion for the environment through education and service.

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Green Living Science (GLS) is a non-profit organization incorporated in 2011 in the City of Detroit. It is our mission to transform Detroit by teaching about waste and recycling. Green Living Science is dedicated to increasing awareness of environmental issues and personal responsibility through education

Our vision for the future is to increase accessibility of recycling services at homes, schools and businesses as well as empower every individual and business to actively practice reducing waste and conserving natural resources on a daily basis.

GLS is an outgrowth of Detroit’s drop-off recycling center, Recycle Here! GLS began in 2008 through a partnership with Detroit Public Schools Community District by presenting at all school assemblies and in-class lessons to teach about recycling and natural resources. We have reached over 100,000 youth since we started.

GLS programming began through a partnership with Detroit Public Schools Community District, based on a request to bring recycling and education around the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) to their schools and students. Our educators work closely with DPSCD's Office of Science to develop curriculum that aligns with state standards and is integrated into their current science curriculum. GLS has a pre-kindergarten program that educates using sing-a-longs, play and students' imagination to understand the importance of recycling and not littering. 

During the summer GLS offers summer environmental arts camps for Detroit students based out of the Lincoln Street Art Park. This is where our outdoor classroom is located re-purposed from a shipping container. The art park is also where we host a variety of events from family fun days, sunset yoga and craft events!

Through conversations with residents who come into Recycle Here! and call to look for ways to recycle, we know that there is an increased demand for ways to recycle at the curb throughout Detroit. In 2015, GLS received a contract with the City of Detroit to increase the number of residents successfully participating in the new curbside recycling program. Now through educational workshops and tabling event GLS can come to community center, block club meeting and events to inform residents about recyclign then sign them up for a FREE recycling cart delivered to their home! 

GLS has increased its reach to include businesses and the community. In 2014, GLS recognized there was a need to assist businesses to set up recycling and waste reduction programs establishing the Bee Green Business program to assist companies in establishing a sustainable recycling program in the work place. 

Our current goals include:

  • Increase the percentage of residents participating in curbside recycling from the current 28.83% of Detroit residents recycling.
  • Provide an opportunity for community empowerment and revitalization through recycling and waste reduction education for every school  in Detroit
  • Increase the number of businesses recycling in Detroit
  • Integrate waste reduction policies throughout city government