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Greatest Storree Ever Inc

We work with Kids & Adults to make: Characters into Stories into Comic Books... To bring to Kids in Hospitals.

www.Superheroes.COOL Tax ID 47-1679862


Stimulate CREATIVITY through arts and literacy programs

PUBLISHING all-new characters for comic books and trading card games

Providing new authors real world experience in ENTREPRENEURSHIP

Building up and connecting characters with the COMMUNITY

Sharing our successes through EVENTS and COMPETITIONS

Fundraising so we can expand our PHILANTHROPY of… Bringing FREE COMIC BOOKS TO:

Children’s Hospitals.

Low-Income Neighborhoods.

Veterans and Active Military

Children of Fallen Soldiers

Children dealing with a Tramatic Situation

Special Needs Programs

And then no matter what, to ensure anyone can read our COOL new stories online for FREE!

Greatest STORREE Ever is a Texas Based non-profit, 501c3Please see our 501c3 letter at: THIS LINK

and our TX-Nonprofit exemption number is:Greatest STORREE Ever, Inc. 

TX Exempt #32054981629


(just scroll down and enter 32054981629 and then click SEARCH)