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Graze in Peace

Farm Animal Rescue & Learning Center

https://www.grazeinpeace.com Tax ID 35-2593613


Our mission is to inspire a compassionate, healthy and earth-friendly way for ALL beings to live together and to share our rescue farm with vulnerable people in our community so that they can experience a healing connection to others, to nature and to themselves.

Graze in Peace started in 2016 as a critical safety net for vulnerable farm animals who had routinely fallen through the cracks in Maine. As other farm animal rescues focus only on animal welfare seizures, and traditional animal shelters are not equipped to handle farm animals, we provide a second chance and forever home to beloved farm animals with no place else to go. 

Through our Farm Animal Rescue, Humane Education and therapeutic Care Farm programs, we are building a base of compassion where ALL beings have the right to freedom and to live and learn in peace.