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Help support Grant A Wish, Inc one of the nation's oldest wish organization founded in 1981.Grant A Wish, Inc grants wishes to needy, disabled and abused children. We operate 5 programs to enrich economically disadvantaged families with our services.

www.grantawishincchicago.org Tax ID 36-3322656

Grant A Wish Children & Family Center is working hard to assist people during this COVID-19 pandemic outbreak during these trying times to provide food assistance, baby supplies, and equipment. We are always working to make a difference. We need your help to help us continue to operate for the benefit of those less fortunate. We must all do our part to help change and improve our lives for the better.  Let every day be enriching to help us to contiunue to do our very best. Thank you for your support and with the love from strangers, things can get better...