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Grace On Wings (The Nations Only Charity Air Ambulance)

The Nation's Only Charity Air-Ambulance.

www.graceonwings.org Tax ID 20-5512973


Grace on Wings is a non-profit organization that provides cost-effective air ambulance transport for individuals needing to travel within the US for important medical treatment. To be eligible, patients must have a condition requiring medically supervised transport of a distance of at least 150 miles. Grace on Wings" is able to offer charity-subsidized fares through the gracious donations of caring people.

“Grace on Wings developed as an idea—without any facilities, without any aircraft, without any financial backing, and without a dedicated team—by people who were called to make it work. Today, Grace on Wings has flown patients for nearly fourteen years. They have been recognized by their peers, receiving the Association of Air Medical Service’s Fixed Wing Award of Excellence at the 2012 Air Medical Transport Conference.”

Air medical services have become an integral component of modern healthcare systems, and Grace on Wings, like all their ground medical transport and air medical transport colleagues, strives to provide the highest quality medical care and safest, most effective air medical transportation to patients in need. Like their colleagues, Grace on Wings provides life-saving medical care to fellow human beings in their most vulnerable moments. What makes Grace on Wings different is their services are based on a Christian mission statement, “Showing Christ’s Love Through Aviation.”

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