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Pauls Project

Grace Campus provides transitional housing for the homeless

www.gracecampus.org Tax ID 47-2366074


Paul's Project, a 501(c)(3), owns, operates and does business as Grace Campus, which is a tiny house transitional homeless shelter in Lubbock, TX.  Most of the people who come to us for help are situationally homeless.  This means that they have had a hiccup in life (ie. job loss, medical issues, incarceration, house fire, etc.) and just need a place to regroup.  Last year we housed 325 people, 78 of which were able to get their lives back and now live and work just like the majority of us do.  We are on track this year to exceed 400 people housed and are already at 70 people who have gotten back on their feet.  We do not apply for or receive government money, which makes us completely dependent on those of us with a heart for people and a heart to give.  Our 2018 budget was $231,000 which means that we spent, on average, about $711 per person who stayed with us.  As the homeless population grows, so does our budget.  We're just asking for help so that we can help those who need a safe place to stay with people who care about and encourage them.