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Green Practice Projects National

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As background, Green practices—which are mindful, environment-friendly actions—can be ways to care for God’s creation and to build community around values that bring people closer to God. Those values include simplicity, sustainability, respect for Earth, care for future generations, doing good in the world, and uplifting humanity. A Green practice can be small or large, but implicitly it replaces a way of doing things that is not as life-affirming and spiritual. A Green Practice Project is a structured way to create or adopt a Green practice.

WFH, the nonprofit I founded 22 years ago and today serve as Executive Director, is a service and educational organization that promotes health, the environment, social justice, and peace through educational programs, fun events, partners, and venues. WFH is dedicated to promoting Green practices and has developed a system to encourage and incubate Green Practice Projects (GPPs).

I wish to build a committee's for both WFH GPP's and Mission Partners in the U.S.

I have been a leading up to this project for over 20 years and serve on the numerous Environment Committee's. This spring, I taught class entitled “Almost Amish,” which explored values found in Green practices and guided participants to create GPPs and to form teams to implement them. A few weeks ago, I saw one of the Environment Committee's implement several of these Green practices—composting, recyclable utensils, etc.—at the St. C’s annual picnic. Those events show that St. C’s is moving down the path of Green practices and that a core group of parishioners are exploring, and reaping, the benefits in their lives.

I wish this trend to continue and to spread to others in the broader community. As the active GPP project manager, WFH would give organizational and technical support to Environment Committee’s and Mission Partner's in promoting Green practices in their teams and communtiies but also in DC and the U.S. at large. WFH’s system runs the gamut from conceiving and structuring GPPs, coaching project “champions,” forming teams, sharing ideas at regular events (such as home-brewed GPP events, EcoTours, and Green Expos), and using online services to spark and leverage projects.

WFH would also create a community of leaders to "pass it on" interested in stewardship of the Earth. The growth of this community would be fostered through social media and crowdsourcing, which reaches out to thousands of people, some of whom will enroll in GPPs and become stakeholders by making small donations, and then educates and assists them in GPPs. A portion of the donations would be given to St. C’s; equally, likeminded people would learn about St. C’s.

WFH GPP Mission Partners
While preparing this proposal, I found that WFH GPP Mission Partners are independent nonprofit service organizations that help inspire, support, and sustain a passionate response among St. C’s members to engage in active service in the broader community. Such acts of service benefit individuals and the community but also allow members to experience the personal transformation that can come from being of love and service to others.

Although the current Mission Partners have long-standing ties to WFH, it seems that the Mission committee aims to facilitate new initiatives, either as GPP groups, which are focused on WFH - 4545 42nd St NW, #300, Washington DC 20016 – 202-436-9083

meeting the needs of teams, or Mission Partners, and to engage even more of our community in active service.

WFH's three current Mission Partners—the ______________________, ____________ Services, and the Community Council _________________________ —aid people who are poor, elderly, and vulnerable in other ways, through parish donations, volunteers, and leadership. We seek new WFH Mission Partners that would harmonize with these partnerships by aiding the environment while enhancing people’s spirituality and community feeling. Unlike the current Mission Partners, however, WFH be conducting its partnership group financially and self-sufficiently would not require funding support from the Teams; in fact, it would contribute funding.

I met with several on the WFH Advisory Committee to discuss how a WFH Green Practice Program initiative could work with new Mission Partners. The attendees were Tom Bauder, Joe Kolar, Andrew Trotter, John Heritage, and myself. We found several reasons why organizations would want a partnership with WFH.

 Clergy - Stewardship of the Earth (and simplicity) is a grounded way to be in service and see our connection with God.

 Vestry - To create a (or another) neutral hook where St C's can do outreach, get exposure, generate good will, and mostly to be, again, stewards of the earth in the community.

 St C's ACTS program - Have an outreach group doing service and uplifting many communities.

 Stewardship Committee - Subtly be supporting the Capital Campaign to be Green without pointing fingers - and by contributing 1/3 of our fund raising goal, $5.000, possibly more in the future.

 St C's E-Committee - Have a logistics, management and support arm to GPP's that would be an outreach for the environment committee to the parish where they're not responsible to DO all the work, making projects fun, and reaching out to encourage parishioners to be Green without pointing fingers.

WFH will be harmonious and not competitive with the E-Committee.

I am sure the committee will want to know how a Mission Partners name is presented in WFH’s online and print literature. WFH reaches out to the community with a Web site, e-newsletters, and event and fundraising notices. Where relevant, WFH literature may describe examples of Mission Partners’s Green practice and GPPs. It may state that you are a WFH Mission Partner and are a recipient of a share of contributed funds. But I would agree to include a disclaimer that makes clear WFH is an independent organization acting as a fiscal agent for the GPPs.

I would be pleased to answer any questions and to provide examples of WFH literature. Please note that Wholeness for Humanity is a nonprofit (501c3) organization.

If we create a WFH-GPP Mission Partner Group it would keep you strongly anchored in the program as it grows and moves into the greater community. As you will notice 5 WFH Advisory Committee members with cvast experience were at this meeting and recommended that this be the action we pursue.

Thank you, Greg.

Greg Drury
WFH - Executive Director
4545 42nd St NW #300, Washington DC 20016
Work) 202-436-9083   cell) 202-674-8102

Building Working Relationships thru Community
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