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Governor Morehead School Alumni Association Inc

GMSAAi supports self-advocacy, independence, inclusion, and employment of the physical and medically challenged.

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Employment opportunities for persons with visual, hearing, and physical impairments are few and far between. Nationally, approximately 70% of visually and hearing challenged persons of working age are unemployed and/or underemployed. For the state of North Carolina the rate is between 35 – 40 percent. There are many factors that contribute to this unemployment problem.  One factor is that physically and mentally challenged individuals are disenfranchised.   Very few members of our society are aware that these individuals exist.  Two, there is a lack of suitable jobs that match individual interests, skills, and abilities, as well as employers who do not understand needed accommodations to make employment accessible and successful for the disabled.   And thirdly, there are far too few organizations in existence that provide employment opportunities matching services for this population.  The Governor Morehead School Alumni Association would like to change these factors. GMSAAI is committed to fund a non-profit employment resource center that will provide training and education, match persons with physical impairments with forward-thinking inclusive employers. These opportunities may include entrepreneurship, vocational internships, technical training, supervised employment and supportive employment.  Monetary resources are needed to jump start this program.  Braille Writers, Braille Displays, Speech-to-Text devices, interpreters, laptop computers, and Braille Embossers are neccessary to convert print into Braille.  The GMS Alumni Association is striving to become a self-sustainable employment entity for the physically and medically challenged.

Successful Projects:

The Governor Morehad School Alumni Association, Inc, has petitioned the North Carolina State Board of Elections to provide the opportunity for all eligible blind and visually impaired of North Carolina to have access to an electronic voter ballot system for the November 2020 election.  The accessible electronic voter ballot went live Monday, October 19th at 8:00 p.m.  The system allowed all blind and visually impaired residents of North Carolina the opportunity to vote from the comfort of their homes. The November 2020 the election was a great success for blind and visually imapired of North Caroliona.  

The GMS Alumni Association provides $300 academic and vocational monetary awards to deserving  high school graduates.  In addition, the Association offers a $100 award to a deserving teacher or staff member that has shown growth and committment to their employmrnt.