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Gospine Gertrude is a Boss




Provide seed-money for a 26 year old HIV+ Ugandan entrepeneur superwoman to start a money-in-minutes business in Northern Uganda. I met Gospine Gertrude in 2013 when I was working with young adults to make peace films in NorthWest Uganda. She was a leader, an innovator, and in many ways my teacher and mentor. I hired her to work with me and we travelled everywhere together where I learned her integrity and her story. She was HIV positive, her baby had passed away, and her husband had disappeared… and there she was, standing strong and clear and ready to intelligently and thoughtfully contribute to her community. I have never met someone that inspires and awes me so deeply, nor someone who is such a walking definition of what it means to be a strong and independent women despite any struggle she might face. Gospine is business-minded and has owned several businesses in her life, and she would like to start a money-in-minutes business in her village. Basically that means that people could transfer money to relatives throughout the country through her, using her cell phone. She would be like a personal bank for her community, a service they need and that she could provide. Help Gospine be the boss that she is. Someday you might be lucky enough to meet her and have her change your whole life the way she has mine.


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