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Hi to everybody, we are Denis and Sergio. We live in Ukraine and work for the same company. But also, we have a dream to set our own business. Of course, we can open a Cafe or a little Store or a Gas Station... But we always thought, we need a business, that would help people to realize their dreams.

Social network has given us the ability to communicate, share information, know other people's opinions. We can communicate to each other without leaving our home or office. We often ask for the help to our friends and other people. We saw striking examples when public opinion or action can lead to some significant changes in public mind. Why don't we do something like that? The example of many companies shows that socially useful action can be more profitable. Except of the profit, it's nice to receive the apreciation from the people.

Many people believe, that thoughts can be materialized, our dreams and wishes come true. We should just wantl!

Recently we new what is "Crowd fanding". Due to the fact that the community post-Soviet countries are poorly integrated into the global event, all the innovative changes we floated up with a delay of 3-5 years. If you are reading this article, you know that is this, of course, but for us it was a new fantastic idea! We understand that many our dreams and goals could be real with "Crowd fanding". We went deeply to the research of the notion "Crowd Fanding" and were exrta surprised how deeply and overside this topic is coming to our life. This assistance in the development of business, charity events, culture support and many other events.

We are sure, we were searching exactly this.

You ask "Why are we doing it?" also there are websites, which join people together in an effort to change the world.There are some people, who in different reasons are ready to give their money for various projects or for the realisation of somebody's dream or idea, they are doing this even without your sourse. How can you be different from other companies? Why do we have to believe your idea and give money to its implementation?

We do not deny that the idea is not innovative enough. Really, these resources exist (in particular, the one where the text is contained) and fulfill their mission, however, only for companies in developed countries. We have tried to find at least one successful example in the Internet area of Ukraine and we failed. The same fate waited for us in Russia. Those projects that we have been able to find more focused on the political agenda or charity.

Our goal, nevertheless, is to direct the efforts to support small businesses and entrepreneurs, the development of art and creativity, as well as the social issues of the regional level.

We want to be an analogue of Indiegogo, Kickstarter in the former Soviet Union. We won’t be competitors, because our people, their ideas, projects, and social problems can not reach foreign resources. And certainly they are not perceived as they can be and supported by people from the same union. The big barrier is also a language restriction. Proportion of people of our countries, speaking foreign languages is very small.

We know thousands of people - our friends and acquaintances, friends of our friends and acquaintances who can not realize themselves without external support. Exorbitant interest rates on loans do not allow to finance own business, charity foundations fund only selected projects that will bring advertising to these funds.

We know that the people of our countries are not less talented than the people in the west or east. Millions and millions of ideas remain unfulfilled. We believe that our society is ready for such changes and we want to bring changes to these countries.

We have a great hope that our ideas and desires are close to you that you will not remain indifferent and will support Crowd funding in developing countries. We invite you to make this journey with us and you will see how soon new ideas, projects will be implemented and will benefit the society.

Preliminary working version of the name of our project is GoodOK, which with cohesive writing means in Russian sound like beep - beep, horn, hoot. The green light for good activity! :)



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