Good Neighbors USA

Good Neighbors USA
Good Neighbors USA
GoFundMe Charity : May 19, 2011
Tax ID: 20-3644749
BASED: Los Angeles, CA, United States


International NGO

Good Neighbors USA is an international humanitarian and development organization committed to building a global community where people live together in health, harmony, and dignity.

Good Neighbors is an international non-profit humanitarian organization founded in 1991. We focus on child education, community development, health, sanitation, and disaster relief projects in more than 30 countries around the world. Since its founding, Good Neighbors has supported nearly 17 million people in need, including more than 9.6 million children. Our programs are designed to promote self-sufficient and sustainable communities in developing countries – we build clean water wells, provide safe cookstoves for families, and support children’s education and community growth. Good Neighbors partners with local governments, international donor agencies, and local communities to raise public awareness about development problems and solutions, and to advocate for change.

We are supporters of global transformation, lending assistance anywhere we can to help build strong, self-sustaining communities. We focus on:

-- Child Development: Support physical and emotional development by providing education, medical care, and nutritious meals.

--Community Development: Provide vocational training, develop local agriculture, and establish infrastructure to encourage self-sufficiency and income generation.

--Health & Sanitation: Provide medical services and health-related education to reduce the mortality rate and prevent diseases such as malaria, parasites, and AIDS. We also make it a priority to develop access to safe drinking water.--Advocacy: Empower marginalized groups of women and children through our awareness and education programs, and coordinate with local organizations to reach as many people as possible.

--Global Networking: Organize and rely on local residents’ active participation in projects. We build strong partnerships with volunteers, community leaders, local governments, and other organizations.

--Emergency Relief: Respond immediately to natural and man-made disasters. We were on the ground during the civil war in Rwanda; the earthquakes in Pakistan, India, and Turkey; the Afghanistan war; and the tsunami in South Asia.

Good Neighbors opened its Los Angeles office in 2007, which currently handles fundraising, donor management, volunteer programs, and marketing for all major projects. Our Washington, D.C. office was established in 2010 to partner with other organizations and to concentrate on obtaining grants from U.S. government agencies and foundations in an effort to implement and maintain worldwide projects. Together, along with local and international partnerships, we’re working every day to develop a strong support base and raise awareness of what people can do to change the world with us.

In 1996, Good Neighbors achieved General Consultative Status, the highest status level with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Under the Charter of the United Nations, the Economic and Social Council may consult with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) concerned with matters within the council’s competence. The Council recognizes that these organizations possess special experience or technical knowledge of value to the Council’s work.

Tax ID: 20-3644749 •


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