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Half The Sky Movement - GoodMoodWarrior dolls - keep women/girls in Sierra Leone safe from violence

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If this Warrior Doll comes to your door:

1) Please give her a home for ONE day, love her, feed her, listen to her, and teach her something meaningful. Let her be a messenger for the many girls and women in Sierra Leone and many other countries who need our support to create safe places for healing, education, empowerment and economic resources to stop the epidemy of violence against women and girls.

2) Please make a donation: XS, S, M, L or XL! Leave a note to share how she is doing, and where she is. 

3) Then hug her, and pass her on. Give her to a friend, colleague or complete stranger and ask her/him to do the same. 

Seeing 'Half The Sky' (the documentary) inspired my inner warrior to contribute to the empowerment of women and girls in the world NOW. No more waiting for a better moment, a bigger plan, an impressive goal, or a complete tribe of GoodMoodWarrior Dolls. 

If these radiant leaders are brave enough to transform their own suffering into heartfelt empowerment programs for other women and girls under very difficult circumstances, I will overcome my excuses to giving, stepping up, speaking up and asking others to give from their heart for the freedom and growth of our sisters.

Permission for (imperfect) Micro-Activism seems the key! This one messy doll will take the leap. I wish her a safe journey, many friends and a blessed future. In the meantime I will create more dolls to send out in the world. 

Your donation supports the work of women like Amie Kandeh, featured in Half The Sky, and her Rainbo Centers to support women and girls after sexual assault in post-conflict Sierra Leone. 

If one of the dolls comes to your house and her nametag/booklet looks a bit worn, please print a new one. Thanks!


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"Ala" had a long visit - time often gets the best of me. She's on the go once again... 7 years ago




I was first intorduced to Sierra Leion over thrity years ago when my bood friend Bernadette was in the Peace Corps and stationed in a little village there. It has been so heartbreaking to see the many difficulties of this nation and her people. I am proud to support this project, and look forward to tracking the progress of "Ala" - the warrior dall I received. (Although I must admit, I kept her a full week... but am passing her along tonight after a big hug from Denver Colorado. 7 years ago


The GoodMoodWarrior Doll is here today, warm and inside on a snowy day in Colorado. She is amazing. We will miss her fierce spirit, but know that she needs to move on. We envision an amazing journey for her. Tomorrow we will give her to a new friend. 7 years ago