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Getting the right goods to the right people at the right time!

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Good360 (501c3) is the global leader in product philanthropy and purposeful giving, working with companies that have products to donate, and matching those goods with nonprofits that serve people in need across the country. Good360 has distributed more than $9 billion in needed goods by working with hundreds of corporate donors and our network of more than 90,000 vetted and approved nonprofit members.

Our Disaster Recovery work focuses on distributing products needed in all phases of disaster recovery – emergency prep, emergency response, clean up, rebuilding and re-living (moving back in). In this recovery, we are in the rebuilding and re-living phases. Product needs for these phases include flooring, shingles, insulation, appliances, furniture, and household goods. Good360 uses donor funding to cover the costs of storing, shipping and distributing donated products from companies to nonprofits in the impacted areas that have unmet needs. We also seek grants to support our core mission of helping nonprofits of all missions primarily in the United States.

Our process is to contact nonprofit partners working in recovery to determine needs. If we have the products in inventory, we use grant funding to ship the items directly to the nonprofits. If we do not have them, we contact our donor partners to source them and then direct the shipment to the nonprofit from the donor company. The individual recipients are determined by the nonprofit partners through careful case management. Typically, the populations supported are the under-served, impoverished, uninsured, unemployed, ill and needy. Nonprofits can join the Good360 network at no charge but must apply so that we can vet them for their 501c3 status, mission and ability to report on viable programs to fulfill that mission.

Over the past 4 years, we have averaged a 10x amplification of funds. This means that $10,000 in funding allows us to distribute AT LEAST $100,000 in donated products. 

Our product donor network of over 400 companies is strong and consistent. Product donors include Amazon, Walmart, CVS Health, Lowe's, Mattel, Eddie Bauer, GAP, Guess, Hasbro and most major retail brands. We have warehouses in Omaha NE, Dothan AL and Houston TX .

Good360 has distributed more than $135,000,000 worth of products in support of COVID-19 response and recovery efforts!