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Gold Star Memorial Foundation

The Gold Star Memorial Foundation – Lacey was formed in 2019 and was designated by the IRS as a IRC 501(c)3 in August 2019. The Board was recently formed and the organization, marketing and fundraising efforts are well underway in achieving the objective of a Gold Star Families Memorial Monument in the Lacey area.


The purpose of the Gold Star Families Memorial Monument is to honor Gold

Star Families and Veterans and to preserve the memory of the fallen and stand as

a stark reminder that Freedom is not free. The objective is to provide a

monument that will be a place that Veterans, families and friends can pay tribute

to service members that served our nation. This monument will honor all service

members that died while serving in the military service, or died as a result of that

service, or are missing in action. This monument project is in partnership with

the Hershel Woody Williams Medal of Honor Foundation. It is the dream of Mr.

Williams to have a Gold Star Families Memorial Monument placed in each state.

This stunning black granite monument features two sides. One side bears the

words: Gold Star Families Memorial Monument, a tribute to Gold Star Families

and Relatives who have sacrificed a Loved One for our Freedom. The other side

tells a story through the four granite panels: Homeland, Family, Patriot, and

Sacrifice. The scenes on each panel are a reflection of each community's Gold

Star Families and their fallen Heroes. At the center of this tribute is the most

distinct feature of the monument, the cut out which represents the Loved One

who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the name of Freedom.