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Hung Le wrote -

Hi, I created GOD's DRUG to come out from darkness:

I grew up with a lot of talk of suicide in the family and still to this day, it’s always in the background for me as an option. Luckily, for me, I found my salvation and hope in meditation and hundreds of personal development books, especially in times of hardship and failure. They provided me awareness and power over the apparent hopelessness of difficulties and kept me pushing on forward.

However, there was a time when things got really crazy and I resorted to doing drugs to cope with my sense of powerlessness. Needless to say, it only made things worse and the suicidal thoughts only got louder afterwards and that’s when I really took it upon myself to do something about them intensively. Not wanting to burden anyone with my own problems, I distanced myself entirely.

This is where meditation got really creative as I wished to no longer feel the worthlessness that I’ve been carrying around all of my life. I made diagrams for dealing with the thoughts, wrote a bunch, and even made my own videos to coach myself and it all helped, temporarily. I was healing myself and looking for better ways to overcome the depressing emotions that I wake up with everyday.

Along the way, I made it a thing to save inspiring quotes that touched me until one day, just the right two jumped out at the perfect time that they woke me up. Finding it hard to believe how such a simple thing could do the trick, I printed some out on business card paper and kept them handy. I shared them with the friends I ran into when they were down and it woke them up in an instant too.

In fact, the more I played around with the quote cards, the higher they lifted me. I went from being depressed to believing that I could save the world. That’s how good they make me feel! They didn’t just provide me hope when I needed it, they made the expression that anything is possible become real for me again. It got so clear to me that this mentality is what the world could use more of.

I saw the potential of shuffled quotes to make a difference for others in having power over their circumstances. I saw how more easily it can be adopted by the many who do not take advantage of books and meditation the way I did. It was enough motivation to have me spending countless days and nights honing away at the perfect deck of quotes until it became what is now called GOD’s DRUG.

Over the course of its development, I have given away over 100 decks of quotes, mostly to the strangers I meet on the streets of Philadelphia. The reaction has consistently been of awe and not surprisingly, they seem to appreciate the gesture more than the times I have given money. It has made a true believer out of me that all is transformable, that hope is simply a matter of awakening.

At this point, I’m asking for your help to get GOD’s DRUG into the hands of those dealing with depression and thoughts of suicide to empower them in similar ways and have them experience the power of positivity over circumstance. With your funding, I will provide them to suicide prevention and depression support groups as gifts of hope and light where they are most needed.

My vision is that it helps those thinking of taking their own lives not only to lift themselves above any thoughts of giving up on life, but also that they discover the strength of their minds to imagine more fulfilling realities and grow the desire to live into them. With power over their thoughts, they’ll come to generate good feelings from within and have the victory we all deserve.

Please stay tuned as I update this campaign with more details after sharing it with the organizations and reaching out for involvement from the communities.

Furthermore, I will take on a vow of silence beginning on 06/25/16 for this cause with the exception of speaking freely to my 2-year old! The length of said vow will depend on the amount fundraised according to this table:

  • $31,050 = 8 Months (15,000 decks @ $2.07 each)
  • $22,000 = 7 Months (10000 decks @ $2.20 each) 
  • $13,000 = 6 Months (5000 decks @ $2.60 each)
  • $7,750 = 5 Months (2500 decks @ $3.10 each)
  • $4,400 = 4 Months (1000 decks @ $4.40 each)
  • $2,800 = 3 Months (500 decks @ $5.60 each)
  • $1,700 = 2 Months (250 decks @ $6.80 each)
  • $0-720 = 1 Month (100 decks @ $7.20 each)

Add another month for each additional $10k raised. Please note that these numbers are the exact costs from our supplier and also account for having them shipped to the States. Keep me quiet for years in exchange for my desire to serve my purpose and make this difference!

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For more on GOD's DRUG itself, please visit godsdrug.com.

Thank you,

Hung Le


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