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Seeing the Amazing Happen!

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Since 2015, the Global Development Project has  been hands on spreading a very real hope, help, and love, through  outreach activities, youth development, building projects that includes  business opportunities, schools, medical and community activity centers.  For us at GDP, it's not a hobby, it's a life-long vision that's making a  life-long difference, day to day, in the lives of those that need it  the most!

Women  and Youth Development is currently one of the greatest initiatives that  GDP is engaged in, and also one of the most challenging and exciting.  With programs ranging from higher education, health care, and career  building, to self-help and self-awareness seminars throughout Kenya and  East Africa, we're making a difference!

With  the help of our friends and partners, and those that simply care, we've  seen the amazing happen, but there's so much more that need to be done!  Help us, and be a part of the amazing!!