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Global Brain Data Foundation

Safeguarding Neurodata

http://www.globalbraindata.org/ Tax ID 84-4508187


The Foundation seeks to empower human development and wellbeing through the ethical and (cyber)secure sharing, collaboration, and research of neurodata. Core to our mission are:
●  Ethical Leadership: We believe that a trusted global standard in the ethical handling of neurodata and personal data through associated technologies is needed.
●  Embedded Integrity:
We believe that a publicly backed mandate for integrity strengthens the legitimacy of organizations working on behalf of a better global future.
●  Transparent Engagement:
We support the needs and priorities of global society by engaging stakeholders in an open discourse around the potential impact and future of neurotechnologies.
●  Empowered Humanity:
We believe that each individual has the right to the ownership and control of their personal neurodata and that no person or entity has the right to alter another’s data or behaviors without explicit permission.