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Global Institute for Transformation

Transforming Lives Through Economic Opportunity

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Transforming hearts, lives, and communities by working in solidarity with our organizational partners to create economic opportunity. 

NEWS: In partnership with Honey for Haiti, GIFT is launching two exciting, innovative new projects to Maison L'Arc-en-Ciel Orphanage and the rural community of Fondwa. Join us in transforming lives of children, families, and communities who simply need an opportunity to transform their own lives. 

About us...

Welcome to the Global Institute For Transformation (GIFT), a cross-denominational, 501(c)(3) ministry.

GIFT's mission involves supporting the spiritual, material and physical needs of people around the world, by working collaboratively with the Church and the global Christian community. For example:  GIFT is running a "smart," sweet potato farming program to bring "The Mother Teresa of Foods" to those in dire need of food and income in places globally.

In 2015, all 193 nations in the UN committed to achieving radical goals of eradicating all poverty, ending all hunger, providing universal clean water, assuring well-being, advancing industry and jobs globally, fixing the planet, and more -- all by 2030!  Global Institute For Transformation (GIFT) will be working with individuals, famlies, churches, and the business community to advocate for fulfillment of the SDGs  and to continue researching and deploying efficacious innovations to "transform our world."

Please take the time to read the following blog post on fulfilling the SDGs written by Tim Maurer, GIFT's founder, which is based on his career-long involvement in helping to set strategy for corporations, business organizations and even the White House: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/everyone-can-benefit-we-take-steps-now-fulfill-un-goals-tim-maurer?