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Guiding Lake Havasu City's children since 1985


We are dedicated to providing an innovative program since 1985 with high quality standards and utilize the best practices to ensure outstanding education. Our work is essential to a student's success in education and in their lives. Our facility provides for student’s ages 1 year through 10 years old. We believe the children of today are our future. ~ We teach children to become responsible adults who enjoy their work and their lives. Life skills are an important part of being successful in school, the workplace and their lives. Among these skills is accepting responsibility for one's behavior, time management, problem solving, decision making, positive social behavior, the satisfaction of work well done and the enjoyment of continuous learning. Students are involved in challenging learning experiences. They experience learning opportunities that emphasize (critical thinking) higher order thinking skills. Each child is encouraged to develop at his/her own pace, according to his/her own ability. Children are grouped, not by age alone, but by development, so they can grow and learn at their own rate.

At Guiding Light Christian Educational Center / Partnership, we feel each child is a special gift from GOD. Our goal is to do everything we can to make sure your child believes that too.

“Guiding Lake Havasu City's Children since 1985”