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Giving Center

Giving Center provides resources directly to individuals and Organizations seeking support. Giving Center will provide resources for supplies, transportation, housing, tutoring, as well as other educational necessities. Additionally, Giving Center has and will also provide support for other tax exempt non-profit charitable organizations that promote education and provide resources to underprivileged youth and impoverished families.

http://www.givingcenter.org/ Tax ID 46-1883892


Giving Center is a nationwide 501(c)3 not-for-profit charitable organization (EIN# 46-1883892) that serves to help a wide range of causes nationwide with a focus on education and the ultimate improvement of the lives of those less fortunate with aid in the form of financial assistance, endowments, grants, educational assistance and more. Giving Center accepts cars, boats, real estate, collectible items, computers and more through a network of websites and innovative fundraising techniques. We help social service agencies, non-profits, shelters, schools, individuals with special and educational needs including victims of crime, discrimination, those with physical challenges, financial challenges and more. Giving Center, with a combined network of individuals and organizations, offers charitable giving that can make a difference in a more personal way.