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Give Thanks... Give Hope


Years ago, Chicago was personified as the "city of big shoulders," offering an image of a robust, proud, and capable American city. The struggle and determination of an entire generation of individuals built the magnificent and lively Chicago we enjoy today. But while our city's history boasts stories of great achievement, there remains an untold story.


As years passed and the world changed, the great generation of people that worked hard to build our city gracefully matured in the background. In the absence of nearby family or friends, many found themselves living alone. And through no fault of their own, they became immobile and homebound. Suddenly, thousands who'd sacrificed so much in their early years face the unimaginable: an inability to feed themselves.


For 25 years, Meals on Wheels Chicago has been there for our city's homebound seniors. By providing nutritious meals and human contact, Meals on Wheels has given countless Chicagoans dignity, independence, and hope.


You can play a vital role in feeding out city's homebound seniors.
Donate to make a difference.


At this moment, millions of Americans are struggling with hunger. As the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population, many seniors are forced to go without food and experience isolation and they often have nowhere to turn. Meals on Wheels Chicago is shouldering our share of their burden and we are asking for your help.


Our goal for the 2013 "Give Thanks" Campaign is to provide 50,000 meals to homebound seniors during the holiday season.
Donate to help us reach our goal.


When we meet our goal, no Chicago homebound senior will have to spend the holiday season worrying about where they will find their next meal.


Without your help, our meal services cannot reach these individuals in need. Thousands will risk their homes and their independence and many will face costly institutional care they cannot afford. Most of us can't imagine any of our loved ones going without regular meals during the holiday season - a time when most of us are surrounded by the warmth and kindness of family and friends.


Won't you make the holidays bright for a homebound Chicago senior?


Chicago truly is a city of "big shoulders," full of generous and concerned individuals just like you who understand the importance of taking care of one another. Every day members of our senior community suffer in silence and need your help. Please join Meals on Wheels Chicago in making this year's campagin an overwhelming success. Wishing you and your family health and happiness this holiday season. Thank you for your support.

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