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Give me a Break! Hike Photo
Give me a Break! Hike Photo
Give me a Break! Hike Photo
Give me a Break! Hike Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Mar 29, 2016

I have been closely involved with two respite programs over the past few years and have witnessed first hand the impact these sorts of organizations have on those they serve. After a transformative year working and volunteering at Yedei Chesed and Camp Promise, I am using my passion for the outdoors to do Good and contribute to the efforts of those serving people with special needs. My goal is to “thru hike” the Appalachian Trail next spring to raise awareness and funds for these two organizations. 

Yedei Chesed and Camp Promise are two extraordinary organizations that deserve your support. They both care for communities of individuals with chronic and life threatening diseases while simultaneously providing respite to caregivers. I have learned first hand how difficult everyday life is for people with disabilities and their families — little things that may be second nature to healthy individuals, such as showering, dressing, and eating, take more time, more energy, and more work, to accomplish people if you have a disability. Daily routines can become taxing on all those involved, and it’s respite programs like Yedei Chesed and Camp Promise that provide a sense of adventure, growth, and independence for people with disabilities, and a sense of relief and respite for caregivers.

I am challenging myself to hike the Appalachian Trail (AT) next year, and challenge you to support my efforts on behalf of these two wonderful respite organizations. I will be starting my thru hike at the end of March 2016, starting in Georgia and finishing 2,189.2 miles north in Maine. As I take 6 months to trek through 14 states, I will be posting updates on this page to keep you in the loop (my trail name is "Starbucks"). Be sure to check back in and see where I’m at!

Your gift on this page will go directly to Yedei Chesed and/or Camp Promise. Your gift will not go to pay for my hiking boots or my tent or my food supplies. It take a village to do Good and while I take care of my trip expenses, I’m asking for your help supporting these two causes that are near and dear to my heart. 


Note: All donations made on this website are tax deductible, secure, and safe. 

More about the organizations:

Yedei Chesed, is a not-for-profit organization that provides an array of services to individuals, both children and adults, with developmental disabilities and their family members. Due to the growing need in the community, they recently opened a respite service center that provides care to children with special needs when school is closed, i.e after school and on Sunday’s & holidays. Please click on it's specific page below to learn more about Yedei Chesed. 

Camp Promise, is a not-for-profit organization that provides a barrier-free, weeklong overnight camp for kids, teens, and adults with muscular dystrophy or select neuromuscular diseases—regardless of age, capability, or ability to pay. Camp is provided free of charge to all campers and your gift today will give campers the best week of their year! Click below on Camp Promise’s page to learn more about the camp. 


Every little bit helps. If you are wondering what to give check out this awesome breakdown:

*Treat a parent to a cup of coffee- $5

*Race a kid to the monkey bars dressed like Shrek-$10

*Let a camper throw a pie in your face-$18

*Give parents a night out on the town-$36

*Challenge me to shower at least once while hiking the AT-$54

* About $.05 for each muddy, sweaty, blistering mile-$108

*Change someone's reality-Priceless!

Any amount you give - You Rock!!!! Thank you!

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