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Girls in Sport

We are a small, community-led NGO currently working in Sierra Leone. Our aim is to use sport (and enrichment learning) to help close the gap in gender.

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Since we started in 2016 we have reached over 300 beneficiaries through our pilot programme.   All girls no longer attending have progressed or are still progressing through secondary education.  Through a focus on localised capacity-building, our in-country teams are well-placed to foster good relationships with the stakeholder communities and our past and present beneficiaries.

It's difficult  to measure behaviours, however as far as we are aware no girl previously on our programme has become exposed to missed opportunity, or harms associated with their gender. Previous beneficiaries often return to visit between examinations and study commitments to help mentor our current intake.

With these close, localised knowledge-structures, trust and strong community stakeholder relationships, and a reliable monitoring and evaluation process, we believe we are making a very worthwhile contribution in our host communities, starting from a small grassroots sports and gender initiative that has created a powerful impact on young lives.

We want  communities affected by poverty, conflict and disasters to seize the role of equality in our global journey to sustainable development.  We believe, like access to education, equal access to sport and enrichment is just as important in this process.

We are committed to encouraging both staff and beneficiaries to continuously create, learn and grow.  We openly promote and encourage diversity and tolerance as the backbone of our work.

We aim to develop talent through a focus on equality of access to sport and creative enrichment,  which we believe  leads to the enablement of better equality and elevation of literacy for girls.

We work alongside education providers and other NGO's to help bridge the gap between traditional rote-based learning vis à vis active enrichment that unlocks individual creativity - leading to pathways that are otherwise invisible to our beneficiaries.  Our projects are structured with a focus on sports and physical training, provision of nutritional needs, and activities that unlock creativity and imagination through the association of music, art, and drama based enrichment within our programming.

Our programmes provide an open-door policy to beneficiaries seeking or in need of additional support with academic learning, in addition to time given in programmes for Maths and English as a pre-requisite to our usual activity planning.

Thanks to our donors, we are able to furnish our projects with learning materials and resources for beneficiaries to explore, book-worm corners and comfortable reading spaces, and provision for extended areas dedicated to exploring music and art.

We operate in protected settings that offer a welcoming environment for sport and learning as a fun and engaging part of development.  All of our activities are very participatory, encourage friendship, peer-led mentoring and respect for one-another.

Trained volunteers from the UK support the programme and local staff by bringing fresh ideas and the latest techniques. Without our volunteers in-country and beyond our host communities, the programme would not be possible.