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Getting Better Foundation

Our mission is to promote trust through education about positive trends in human behavior.


What is the issue?

If you believe everything you read and hear about crime, violent conflict and poverty, you might think that the world has become a very troubled and dangerous place.

The facts tell a different story.

Our world today is safer, healthier and more positive and productive than ever before. Never in history has the per-capita involvement in crime and war been lower. Never have human beings been healthier and better educated.

Unfortunately, the gap between reality and people’s perceptions is great. Grim views of the world around them deprive people of optimism, generate fear and create a sense of hopelessness. They stifle creativity and innovation, causing society to live and suffer under a pall of negativity. The most damaging effect has been the decline of trust. People who do not trust one another do not help one another. The lack of trust has resulted in stark societal divisions.

Getting Better Foundation seeks to build trust through truth. People who trust one another are more likely to help one another. The more people help one another, the better our world will be.

We’re helping to create a culture of trust built on scientific research and unimpeachable facts, shared in the media and on the ground through a network of advocates who are passionate purveyors of truth.

We will fight falsehoods with facts. We will beat negativity with positivity and replace suspicion with trust. We will work to spread truth, optimism and a sense of well-being.