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InterVarsity's Global Partnerships: Guatemala

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EVENT DATE: Jul 10, 2012

Christopher Houston


  • Who: I will be traveling with 14 other colleg students who are all affiliated with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. InterVarsity is an organization that works towards creating positive change on college campuses by creating a safe environment for Christians to become stronger in their faith and non-Christians to learn about who Christ is and the work He is doing in our communities.   
  • What: I will be going on a Global Parternership trip to Guatemala to do a number of things. I will work with students involved with GEU, the Guatemalan division of InterVarsity, to grow as a leader as well as an ambassador for Christ. I will deepen my love for others, my understanding of the injustices that continue to exist in this world, and my ability to combat and educate others about injustices that occur in our own communities. I will take everything I learn in Guatemala and find ways to use it to effect real change in and around Chicago, spicifically on college campuses. In addition to growing, I will also be doing outreach in Guatemala; showing people the love and joy of Christ and the amazing things He can do when you commity to a relationship with him. Finally, but extremely important, I will become a servant to the Guatemalan community. I fully intent to make myself last and all others first to humbly serve the community in whatever ways I'm needed. If they need floors cleaned, I will scrub them. If they needs children tutored, I will teach them. If they need houses built, I will blister my hands until the walls are up. I want to serve, with a genuine heart.   


July 10-13  Arrival, team-building, acclimation, and training

July 13-19  Spanish classes, engaging the community, and Global Project training in Antigua July

20-24 Quetzaltenango (fun, outreach, service)

July 24-28 Guatemala City (fun, outreach, service)

July 28-31 Chiquimula (fun, outreach, service)

Aug 1-3  Return to Guatemala City for rest, debrief, evaluation, and departure   

  • Where: Antigua, Queltzaltenango, Guatemala City, and Chiquimula. All in Guatemala.  
  • When: I will be on a 23 day adventure from July 10th- August 3rd.  
  • How: I honestly won't be able to do any of this without a couple things; 1) Prayer. Please, pray for strength and clarity, and also that God will bless me in the ways that we know only He can. 2) Donations. None of this will be possible without the financial support from those that support the work that I will be doing in Guatemala. Christian or not, these communities are hurting... and I want to step up and do my part. 3) Hugs. Because hugs always make things easier.  
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