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Geek Partnership Society

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Vision Statement: The Geek Partnership Society (GPS) is a group of geeks working in cooperation with other organizations to better serve the geek community of the Saint Paul/Minneapolis area through:

~Providing a venue & other infrastructure to deliver programs to our community; 

~Celebrating all that is geek through year-round programs and activities designed to inspire and connect individuals with the broader geek community; 

~Encouraging creativity, curiosity and volunteerism while maintaining a sense of humor; 

~Giving back to the greater St. Paul/Minneapolis community through organized activities, fundraising events and school interaction; 

~Collaboration with schools and other local agencies, with a focus on connecting kids to the powers of science and literacy; 

~Promoting a spirit of community which encourages creativity, diversity and a sense of partnership; 

and Building partnerships with a broad array of local geek organizations to help us accomplish together what none of us could do alone.