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GCPTALKS is an inspiring nonprofit organization for the talented who can support a cause!

http://www.gcptalks.org Tax ID 83-3626977


GCPTALKS, Inc was founded on the idea to give back to communities through charitable fundraising and to bring about Talented Artists who will speak as ambassadors within a team voice to allow those of dire need to be heard and gain support. Our good stems from love as we're advocating for others and making sure that everyone feels like a human being with a purpose in life. GCPTALKS is a giver, who gives hope and life to the needy while paving a way for them to be uplifted, and with that, one day the person who received our support can share the same kindness to someone else.  The nonprofit  GCPTALKS, Inc shall bring the community together for a common cause and awareness through policies.  We will create opportunities for America and its territories and lend an extended a hand to our allies in times of disaster.

GCPTALKS Inc. was born out of the idea of doing good for humanity. Our mission, therefore, is to do all we can through our nonprofit organization with the help and generosity of people all over the world especially in the United States of America and Jamaica. A list of Allies Ghana, Nigeria, Dubai, Canada, United Kingdom, and others. Our goal is to seek volunteers and sponsors to help the poor, sick, and helpless in our quest to make a difference in their lives, regardless of color, age, and creed!