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The GBI PTA is launching a new fundraising program called GBI READ UP! The purpose of this program is to encourage daily reading as well as raise money for some much needed classroom equipment. All research shows that students who read regularly perform better in school. That’s why the program has a strong reading component. Our teachers all vie to have classrooms that have the proper projectors in their class. Unfortunately, few classrooms have any projector. Each costs over $1600! And as we add new teachers*, the cost of a projector and smart board is close to $3000! If we continue doing the same fundraising programs we have done in the past, we estimate we will have each classroom equipped possibly by the time your child is in high school. . . and we are sure that there will be something even better by then! Our teachers deserve to have what they need to do their job to the best of their ability now! Rather than do a soap, nut or magazine sale, we have decided to create our own program that recognizes classes for their reading as well as their fundraising accomplishments. Here’s how the program works: • Each class will set a "Pages Read Goal" as well as a "Fundraising Goal". • Recognition will be based on the class totals, not individual, to encourage teamwork. There are rewards for pages read as well as money raised so any class has the potential for recognition—and there will be separate recognition by grade. • We are managing this program ourselves. We are not hiring a firm to do this fundraiser so almost all the proceeds will go to fund the equipment. • Fundraising can be as easy or extensive as you want to make it! We encourage you to use this online tool to spread the word to friends and family! • Each day your child should write the total number of pages read for that day in the Student Daily Planner (where their homework is listed.) We hope you are as excited as we are about this new program and will support it as best you can! Together we can achieve great things. Thank you so much for your time and your commitment to ensuring our children have a great education at GBI! Sincerely, The GBI PTA Board *No, new teachers do not come with their own teaching equipment! :) We need to provide it!