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Georgia Charitable Care Network

The mission of the Georgia Charitable Care Network is to foster collaborative partnerships to deliver compassionate health care to low income Georgians. Our vision is to that all Georgians will have access to high-quality health care.

http://www.charitablecarenetwork.com Tax ID 80-0100336


There are more than 90+ independent, non-profit clinics across Georgia, and hundreds of physicians, dentists and other health care professionals who provide care in their own offices. Each is dedicated to serving many of Georgia’s more than 1.8 million uninsured. Primarily volunteers, these providers reach out to their local communities with an unwavering commitment to local populations.

Uniting these providers with their unique missions and common goals provides GCCN the impetus for our work. Through our efforts these clinics have increased access to technical assistance, resources and networking.

GCCN members are very diverse in their size, model and scope of services and provide a safety valve to help take the pressure off the taxpayer-supported system of health care. Our network provides a model of how the private sector can offer health care to the uninsured at no cost to the taxpayers.