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Delivering joy, laughter and relief to children in the fight of their lives!

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Our Mission:

Deliver a Bag of Fun® to every sick child whose health and happiness is both compromised and threatened.

Our Vision:

We exist to bring joy, laughter and relief to every child fighting a life- threatening disease or condition.

What began as a mother's wish to offer a playful respite for her daughter fighting brain cancer has now become a movemnet to reclaim the innocence/playfulness of childhood for those that are threatend by the realities of their medical condition.  Gabby Krause, diagnosed at 5 years old, had a "bag of fun" that she took to every appointment.   To the delight of other patients, she shared her toys.  Weeks before she died, Gabby asked her mother why other kids in the hospital didn't have a "bag of fun".   When Gabby died, her mother, Tammy Krause, started the Gabby Krause Foundation to bring joy, laughter and relief to children in the fight of their lives.  Bags of Fun is the signature program of the Gabby Krause Foundation. When a child is diagnosed with a life-threatening or debilitating condition, their chance to be a kid - to play, to laugh and to be silly - is suddenly taken away from them.  The focus becomes finding the right doctors, deciding on treatment plans, and facing the fears that no parent ever dreams of facing. The objective of our program is to harness the power of play as a means to increase happiness and speed recovery when a child needs it most. Every minute a child spends enjoying toys from their Bag of Fun is another minute spent away from their sickness.  

We currently provide over 1000 Bags of Fun annually to children in Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Florida and Alaska with an average cost of $400 per Bag.  There is an affiliate in Indiana that provides Bags of Fun through the Tatum Parker Project. 

We take pride in customizing each Bag to each recipient, taking into consideration their age, gender, interests, and diagnosis. Once our team assembles a personalized backpack with manipulative toys, educational games, a Kindle Fire and an Amazon Gift Card, the Gabby Krause Foundation hand delivers the Bag of Fun to the recipient. In a 2017 quality study conducted by Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children’s Hospital Colorado, 83% of participating faculty and staff agreed that items in the Bag distracted the child so that medical procedures/tasks could be administered in a more positive way. Additionally, 87% of participating parents of a Bag recipient believed that playing with items in the Bag helped their child cope and maintain some normalcy during treatments. The power of play makes a real difference in recovery for the recipient and gives hope to the families. It is a simple concept with the greatest return – a child’s smile. 


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