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Funding is required to promulgate the concept of bringing down the international borders, and develop infrastructure for a periodically elected and democratic World Administration, so that we can:

1. Feed the hungry in a world of overproduction. I am sure I need not have to upload those disturbing and pitiful images we are all familiar with. Noble efforts have been made to raise funds already, but it seems that they are but a drop in the bucket, and there is the chance that these resources are bled off to private individuals.
2. Stop the killing. Even in this day, warfare, and even wanton killing just for it's sake, have become events to offer up images and footage that should not be a feature of our world today. Terrorism would "wither on the vine" with this concept.
3. Save our planet. Another much mentioned topic which increasingly concerns us these days.
4. Devote our talents and energies instead to further explore space, as our planet will not sustain us in the far future.

The intents and actions of the United Nations are excellent, but they are hampered by political considerations and diplomacy, as we still exist as separate nations.

This is a vision
It is not one man
It is all
For all Mankind
It is not Utopia
But a future, for all of us
And our future generations to come.

As John Lennon sang, "Imagine."
Many other artists such as Bob Geldorf, Bono of U2, USA for Africa, and Michael Jackson, show recognition of a need for change. All of these talented people can't be wrong. It is time for us, as a race of beings, to do something, and OWN our future. We are one species, with the same basic needs and desires, and there is no need for us to exist divided by borders which give rise to the situations described above. The benefits of bringing down the Berlin Wall have been documented and recorded, and there is every reason to believe that the bringing down of all borders will be of immense benefit to us. There is international cooperation on major events already, hampered may they be by political considerations, and it proves just how ridiculous it is to continue to exist divided by borders.

A future for us need not be staid and grey, or governed by rigidity. Whether or not you follow a deity is immaterial. There is room for religion. There is room for life, colour, joy, attraction, sex, love, commitment, music, science and art, for all of these things are part of life, but not the whole object of it. But most of all, we must be tolerant of each other, for this is the basis of all good, and long lasting relationships. We only need watch the successful in this to see, but also realize that Mankind has really only progressed through a series of mistakes. We can only do something about the future. About the past, we can do nothing, but learn from it. And so we have gone on. But where are we going? Sometimes, to look at where we are going, we have to look back at where we have been.

We all know that there are people born every minute, who have their own agenda, and who upset any world order such as that envisaged here. With the controls that will be built into the infrastructure, serious threats will be recognized and degraded. Jurisprudence will be preserved and restructured to take this into account. The right to free speech and opinion will thus be preserved, so avoiding the situation where in early Democracy, Socrates was sentenced to drink Hemlock, just for posing questions.

Society is in demise, much like that experienced by the Romans and the Greeks. So, there is no need to make certain people worse by giving them the aspirations that we are giving them now. If you put shit in, you will get shit out! All sorts of people, through many sorts of disciplines, have changed themselves, as they were given aspirations.
How often have we all watched some antisocial people, and thought "If only they had some self respect," or "Basic Training should be mandatory." This is a world with a lot of these people, and the negative view can be taken that a stable future will never be achieved, as they will always be around. I put it to you, that if they were given good aspirations (and I don't mean the Big Brother Concept) and the means to achieve them, there would be less of them. And the existence of these people should not be used as an excuse for all of us to cop out, and not do anything. To just put up with the unacceptable planetary chaos we have today, where we have doubts that we will survive. To wallow in our "comfortable" muddy hole of misery is familiar to us. It is just so easy to accept it, give up, and die. Do you really want to do that? Mankind has shown time and again, that it is a far better species than that!

I consider I have set a reasonable initial goal of $50,000. It was not set out of greed, but to leave plenty of latitude for donations as I believe nobody has ever done this before. I also note from media reports that at times, donations of some $3 Billion have been considered appropriate for tasks of this magnitude.

In the event that the goal of $50,000 is reached, and it is found that more is needed for major advertising and film companies, a major trusted accounting body to administer the funds, retention of government professionals to plan infrastructure etc., this campaign will be modified. I have chosen this site as it is well known internationally, and there is transparency as donations are recorded and acknowledged. Due to the actions which will result, which will be recorded here as well as on social media, those making donations will see that their money is being well and honestly used for the common good.

I am sure I need not underscore the importance of this campaign, as a future such as envisaged would be far better than the chaotic, unstable, and deadly situation which we have at the moment.

I would be happy to speak at venues.


Organized by

James Willis

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