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Fusion 3Sixteen Incorporated

Together with Hope

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Fusion Canada is committed to working with churches and other  community groups to move into the heart of their communities.  For over  10 years Fusion Canada has worked alongside people of good will to bring  hope to local communities.

Fusion Youth and Community Society of Canada (Fusion Canada) began as  a small group of friends in Edmonton in 2003, and was incorporated in  Alberta as a not-for-profit society in 2007.

Fusion began in Australia in 1960 as a response to the issues of the  breakdown of family and community structures in their country. In 2002  Fusion Australia decided to respond to any international call for  support, and Fusion International was born. Today Fusion International  is a network of people from around the world who are committed to  bringing hope, justice, mercy and compassion to their local communities.  We are active in many countries including Albania, Jamaica, Ghana, Greece, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Nigeria, and Poland, with opportunities growing in other countries as well. We are now a registered Charity!