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Furry Faces Foundation

...keeping pets and people together

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Retention and prevention. This is our mantra. Help people keep their pets with them and out of animal shelters/rescue groups. It's as simple as it is complex.  None of us can imagine giving up our beloved pet because we can’t afford to care for him/her. We support the belief that both people and the animals benefit from this partnership. For some people, the only companionship they have is their pet.

F3 provides support for people who may need assistance to care for their companion animals, and in doing so, provides the community a vehicle for compassionate social assistance as well.  We also act as a resource to Greater Seattle. Folks call us about pet nutrition; who to adopt from; Vet recommendations; pet behavior issues; and more. Our focus is always helping improve the human/animal bond, which is critical in keeping animals with their people.

Furry Faces Foundation finances our work through many fun-(d)-raisers.  Catsino Silent  Auction, Paws 'n' Paint - your dog, the artist,  Mutts 'n' Martini's, Car Smash , Holiday Gift Wrapping and of course, generous donations of in-kind items and money.  Sometimes, when a life saving surgery is more than we can finance independently, we initiate an online fundraisers to help cover the cost.

F3 has three Retention and Prevention programs.

1) Oliver's Helping Paw Fund: This fund assists companion animals, whose people are financially restricted, with healthy pet food, vaccines, unexpected Vet bills and other needs. Assisting with unexpected Vet bills is our number one expense and has the biggest impact on pets' lives.

We also do our best to provide long-term, temporary foster care for pets whose humans are going through tough times. For instance, we have found, and funded, foster homes for two different dogs whose family had fled domestic violence situations and were living on the streets/in their car. Once shelter spots opened up, the families were told pets were not allowed. We were able to fine foster families who provided love and support until the families could move onto more permanent, pet friendly housing. This is a very important service as for domestic violence victims that have pets, 65% of them will not leave the abuse if they cannot take their pet or find a safe placement for them.

2) It's Hip, to Be Snipped!: Spaying & neutering is the most humane way to decrease the number of animals ending up in our shelters/rescue groups. Not only does it prevent unwanted litters, it eliminates many 'negative' behaviors like roaming, fighting and inappropriate urine marking. Lastly, by neutering/spaying, many health problems are prevented, e.g., ovarian cancer, Pyometra and mammary tumors.

3) Tag Your Pet...It Ain't Graffiti! The number one way lost animals are reunited with their people is through an ID tag and collar. For cats entering shelters without ID, only 2 % are reunited with their human. For dogs, it's 15%. We want to get pets back to their people!  Utilizing our donated tag engraving machine we sell tags for $5.00 to at community outreach events and provide free of charge ID tags and a collar to those animal companions that live with folks who are financially restricted.