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Fur Lives Matter Inc

BIG or SMALL we WANT to SAVE them ALL!!!

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Jackie, ( JJ ) the founder and CEO of Fur Lives Matter inc., grew up dreaming about horses. She lived in the city and while she had a strong love of all animals, “Big or Small,” she did not have the ability to own them all. JJ didn’t have any real interaction with Livestock, outside of going to horse camp when she was a teenager.  In 2016, JJ started with Alpacas. They were her first ever livestock and while they were not all of the animals she had dreamed about, they were what she could fit in the backyard at the time.

     JJ had a strong desire to not only own horses, but to rescue. This desire would take a few more years to develop into reality, but in May of 2018, she purchased a piece of land to make her dreams come true.  JJ's dreams of owning a horse became a reality. In fact, she didn't just get a horse, she rescued two! Trix and Jax would be the beginning of Fur Lives Matter Inc.

      In October of 2019, just a short year and a half after starting her rescue dreams, JJ met Lee Butler.  Lee is a cowboy who grew up on a working cattle ranch.  He is a 5th generation rancher, who grew up riding and training horses.  He had rodeoed professionally, riding saddle broncs.  Lee had recently been medically retired from the Sheriff’s Department.  

     Together, JJ and Lee combined their love of animals and Fur Lives Matter Inc. started to grow. There is a focus and passion for rescuing Slaughter bound animals (JJ once sent Lee to rescue a single baby calf from an auction yard and he brought home 3) and now have 15 head of rescue horses, 4 goats, 2 pigs, 2 Donkey’s,  3 llama, 26 alpaca ,  and a Cow!

     JJ still raises Alpaca (Lee calls them fuzzy dinosaurs) and manages to work a full time job.   JJ and Lee want to share their passion and mission with you. Their passion for saving lives, and giving good horses a second chance while educating the public.  BIG or small, They Want to Save Them All!

     Our farm is one where the animals are not only cared for, but time and love is devoted to them daily.  They are not only rescued but given a home and made part of the family.  Our rescues are given space to run free and enjoy their lives as animals should.  Please consider making a donation to Fur Lives Matter so we can continue to care for our rescue family and further rescue others that are in need of our care, or in danger of going to slaughter.  We need you and your generosity to do our good work.