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Valentina Troglia

Valentina Troglia


Happy birthday ISF!! it's incredible!! your 1st year is passed by so fast but with the best satisfactions ever!! It's just the beginning of this amazing journey that we'r doing all together and I'm proud to be part of this amazing family!! Ian....happy 33rd B'day man!! you are such an inspration to me!!! THANK YOU!! You def change my life with your care for the earth! you are a pure soul who deserve only the best in life!! Keep going Ian! we'r all here with you to fight and to protect mother nature and furry friends! I wish you the best Birthday ever!! I LOVE YOU!! xoxo 8 years ago

Collaborative Donations

Collaborative Donations


8 years ago

Lexie Gerson

Lexie Gerson


Join me in donating to an amazing cause! There is never an amount too small (: 8 years ago