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"It takes a village to raise a child and it takes an army to protect the village." ™,℠

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fullcircle40 is the vision of CEO/Founder, Jenifer Gerae.  An abuse survivor herself, she understands what it took to rise up from the ashes.  It took 40 years.. to come full circle.  She is now leveraging the survival strength she gained from her experiences to be a General in the ranks of the fight against child exploitaiton.  She is not afraid to visit the enemy's camp to save these children, she grew up there. 

Childhood trauma leads to an endless cycle of pain, pitfalls and side steps, and the cost of recovery and healing far surpasses any economic value.  The price paid by a victim is immeasurable and the life lost within is often not able to properly breathe again.  Jenifer knows that with the utmost passion and a small piece of hope, it becomes possible to revive and thrive.  Her mission now is to be for children what she needed as a child - to give them that passion and that hope.  Jenifer has a strong will and drive that rivals any other and is clearly visible within the mission of fullcircle40... to "save all the babies".  

What is the best way to save a child from suffering through any sort of abuse or oppression?  

Prevent it.  Stop it before it starts.  And when it can't be prevented, find a way to end it. 

It is clear that it takes more than one person to raise a child... a village... and while that village is tending to and nurturing those children, it needs a vigilant and protective army circled around it.   

A community enlisted is a force for freedom.