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From Pregnancy through Infancy: Caring for Refugees in Greece

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Why are we fundraising?

To create an environment of safety and care for refugee mothers and babies transiting through Greece who are pregnant, birthing, or postpartum and those with small infants. For this, we are gathering supplies and putting together teams of birth-related caregivers.

Who we are

Amurtel Greece is a volunteer group of midwives, doulas, breastfeeding specialists, proactive mothers and concerned women committed to the well-being of mothers and babies. As a very grassroots yet global NGO, Amurtel focuses on projects by women specifically for women and children.

Why we’re here

We have seen too many pregnant women at term, dragging themselves from one country to the next, desperately worried about their unborn babies but just as desperately trying to get to a place of safety. We’ve met postpartum mothers and infants only days old who should, if the world was a different place, be snugly at home being well cared for, eating warm traditional foods. We cannot give them their home but we give them what we can.

What we do

We work in the camps in Athens and the islands. We check the mothers and babies, listen to fetal heart tones, offer support on breastfeeding and infant care, get medical help as needed, accompany mothers if they give birth in Athens, talk with them, reassure them, and offer items for infant care.

In addition to this, we donate to camp medical centers basic obstetrical supplies that are currently lacking.

What we give

Besides our direct care, we also offer these items.

Food : The glaring need that arises again and again is for better food. The logistics of the journey make it very hard for pregnant and lactating mothers to drink enough or eat well. The culinary specialist on our team has put together some great foods that are nutritious and easy to carry (and she is working on more!)

Roasted chickpeas, spiced in a traditional Middle Eastern way

Nutrition bars, great for pregnant and lactating mothers

Nut, seed and raisin mixes

Hot homemade meals based on traditional recipes


Infant care supplies 

 Hand-knitted baby hat, booties and blanket

Olive or sunflower oil for diaper rash prevention and treatment- some mothers have the tradition of using oils in this way

Baby carriers


Infant sleep sacks


Medical Supplies for camp medical centers


Pregnancy tests

Emergency birth kits

We are sourcing our supplies as much as possible from the local communities.


Our Overall Plan

First Stage- At present, we go to the camps in Athens on average three times a week and to the islands once a month. Our goal is to have teams present in every camp in Athens every day and to send teams to the islands weekly.

Second Stage- To establish physical locations as safe Mother-Baby Spaces. Staffed by members of the teams, they would be places where mothers and babies could find respite and resources to support them in their journey.

Third Stage- To see the work having evolved into a protocol that can be duplicated in any disaster area, any time, any place


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