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Working for the recovery of our Wild & Scenic Eel River, its fisheries, and communities.

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Friends of the Eel River was founded in 1994 to free the Eel River and save its struggling salmon and steelhead runs. The organization grew to become a principled and effective advocate for the Eel River watershed and its fisheries. 

This is truly a critical time for the Eel River. We now have a real chance to remove the two dams on the upper mainstem Eel. Efforts to develop a more ecologically viable cannabis industry and remedy the threats that a crumbling freight rail line poses to the Eel River canyon are also at important junctions. Despite the stressors and uncertainties of climate change, scientists generally agree that the Eel River holds perhaps the West's greatest promise for salmonid recovery - IF local populations can survive the next few years.

Friends of the Eel River's primary programs are: removing the Eel River dams, forging sustainable land use and cannabis regulations, and protecting the Eel River canyon from lawless railroad development and transitioning to the Great Redwood Trail.