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Friends of Niu Valley Intermediate

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Friends of Niu Valley Middle Middle School (FNV) is a 501(c)(3) parent-teacher organization dedicated to serving Niu Valley Middle School students, faculty, and administrators in our mission to provide a quality public school education for our keiki. Fundraising events such as We Love Niu Valley help achieve these goals.

We are proud to represent our school and hope you share our vision:

*  to bring home and school together, so that teachers and parents may cooperate in the education of our children. 

*  to develop a united effort between educators and the public to secure the highest advantages in education. 

*  to provide financial support in the implementation of school projects. to enable our principal to consider the views of parents and community members as he represents us in the School Community Council, Kaiser Complex, and DoE

*  to support our PCNC.

We WELCOME you to join us in this mission in whatever capacity you can give. MEMBERSHIP IS FREE!!