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Helping Guatemalan Kids!

We focus our efforts in providing education, healthcare and nutrition to 250 of Guatemala's most vulnerable children in order to break the cycle of poverty and improve their quality of life. All funds go directly to support the programs. FOGC is a volunteer run organization.

Friends of Guatemalan Children's (FOGC) mission is to promote the health of Guatemalan children by providing financial assistance to organizations and establishments that provide nutritional and medical assistance to those children and to relieve the distress of orphaned and abandoned Guatemalan Children through provision of food, medical care, adoption assistance and similar activities.

FOGC is entirely run by volunteers so that all donations can go directly to support the children in need in Guatemala.  Our main beneficiary is the Casa Guatemala school and orphanage (  Casa Guatemala provides a safe home, medical care, education and a healthy environment to 250 children in Guatemala who have been faced with abandonment, abuse, neglect or extreme poverty.  FOGC provide financial, administrative and logistical support to Casa Guatemala and have done so for almost 30 years. We have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for grants for CG; assisted with the coordination of volunteers, schools, social clubs and church groups visiting; arranged for large shipments of supplies for the orphanage, school and clinic; and helped to organize trips of medical teams who have provided cleft lip and palate operations and other important surguries to thousands of Guatemala's poorest people.

Casa Guatemala was founded in 1977 and was originally named Casa Canada as the founders were a Canadian couple who reached out to assist the malnourished, orphaned and abused children during the brutal civil war. Their early efforts catalyzed the mission of  Casa Guatemala to provide a safe home, love and nurturing, proper health care and an adequate education to the children of Guatemala who are abused, abandoned, malnourished, or living in extreme poverty. The vision of Casa Guatemala is to equip the children in their care with the skills and education needed to become upstanding, empowered citizens in their community and to become fully self-sustained through the businesses that they run which provide financial support and meaningful job training for the older children.

Casa Guatemala has three locations in Guatemala; a nursery and administration centre in the Capital city and the Children’s Village of Rio Dulce, where the majority of children we serve live. Since 1987, this centre has been home to up to 250 children during the school year and provides educational and health care services to up to 300 children per year. These children are either Wards of the State in our care, or children from the surrounding Mayan villages who live in cases of extreme poverty that, without Casa Guatemala, would have no other option for an education. The onsite clinic provides free medical care to the children of the center as well as the local Mayan communities that live in the isolated villages nearby.

Casa Guatemala is a registered NGO and receives no government funding and rely on the funds gathered from groups and individuals around the world and the revenues generated from our social enterprise projects, Hotel Backpackers, our farm and a small store in Rio Dulce and a Day Care Centre in the Capital. These businesses do not only provide a steady income but also serve as training centresfor the older children to gain work experience.  Casa Guatemala is supported by registered charities in Spain, Canada and the USA that help to collect the funds needed to operate this large organization.

FOGC provide grants to Casa Guatemala in order to fund their important programs and cover the extensive costs of running the children's village. We rely on donations from people like you to help us support the medical, educational, housing and general cost at Casa Guatemala through grants that we distribute on a regular basis.

Tax ID: 52-1302396


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