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Fred was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in 1994, Prostate Cancer 2001, December 2008 with Kidney Cancer, Stage IV. He underwent surgery, which included a 4 lb tumor that had grown from/through the kidney into the main artery to the heart. They removed it and patched the artery and removed 14 lymph nodes.

In 2010 he was diagnosed with Basil Skin Cell Cancer on his scalp. Fred has been relatively healthy and in remission. In the beginning of August his family practitioner found a mass in his side and had him go for an ultrasound. The results showed nothing. A few days later he went to his Oncologist who he informed about the mass and the subsequent test. The Oncologist looked at the ultrasound and didn't like that it didn't show anything and ordered a PET scan. The results showed tumors in his lungs, on his left hip, top of the right femur bone and on his spine in his neck. Fred underwent a biopsy of the closest and easiest tumor to get to, in the lungs. They compared it to the pathology of the tumor that was removed in 2008. On August 16, 2013 Fred was diagnosis with Metastatic Kidney Cancer, Stage IV. MRI's were ordered right away to get a better look a the bone mets on his hips and spine. The MRI didn't show the one on his spine but the hips showed he needed surgery for reinforcement of the bone, if possible and/or radiation. We went for a second opinion at Penn Medicine. Surgery was not an option and Fred started radiation in September and a about a week later started biological therapy using Votrient and Xgeva.

Fred has been in and out of the hospital quite a few times over the past few months, and is currently in Chester County Hospital right now.



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