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Where Children Come First

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Family Centre is an internationally accredited Bermuda Charity founded in 1990. Family Centre offers training and advocacy services, community programs and counselling services that address the unmet needs within the Bermuda community.

Family Centre provides support to children who are suffering from the impact of issues such as abuse, neglect, and other emotional challenges. Through counselling and prevention initiatives, families are provided with the skills needed to sustain success for future generations.

Family Centre is the only non-governmental organization in Bermuda providing intensive family stabilization services for families with deep patterns of crisis. Services are provided at the home, school, and community levels simultaneously to help families break long-standing patterns of distress. There is intense work with schools to ensure that clients are able to be more successful in that environment.

Family Centre is also an advocacy organization. The intensity of need is growing and many of the problems that cause children to be referred can be prevented. Specific social norms regarding early childhood care, nurturing, family functioning, and school engagement determine how children mature. Changes in social norms are needed to reverse the negative trends that threaten children and society. In addition to these core services, Family Centre offers coordination services to ensure that effective services are funneled to those families at the greatest level of need.

To learn more about Family Centre you can go to www.tfc.bm or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Friends of the Family Centre is a 501c3 registered non-profit based in the United States primarily composed of Americans living in the US who have connections to Bermuda. The aim of the Friends of the Family Centre is to raise awareness of the issues affecting children and families in Bermuda, seek out partnerships with US academic and social organizations to share information and to help to fund raise for the most at-risk children and families in Bermuda.