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Friends of the Charter High School for Law and Social Justice Inc


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Our school uses Law and Social Justice themes to expose students to the power of law to promote social change. At Law and Social Justice, we are creating a pathway to college, graduate school, and careers in the legal profession.

This year our scholars were active in the "Climate Change March" in the Fall, recently attended the "Woman's March," collected clothes for our local shelter and had a pot luck dinner for the homeless with our scholars serving, all in addition to the 100 hours of community service every scholar must perform to graduate.  All our students take law courses and  NY Law School Law students help teach a street law course.

Our scholars come from one of the poorest congressional districts in the nation with the highest unemployment rate of any Congressional District.

- 94%  are free or reduced lunch.

- Our District in the Bronx had the most homeless students last year with 10,548 than any other District in NYC, and our school has over 10%  homeless, over 60% are from Single-family households.

- 16% are Special Education students

- 18% are English Language Learners, and over 80% are from Spanish speaking homes.

- Our 9th graders entered in 2019 with 65% behind in Math and English by 2-6 years.

In 2019, our first-year graduating class had 84% graduate, and the District 10 Public School graduation rate was 64%.

Presently 35% of the Class of 2020 is taking College courses at Bronx Community College and so far, 65% of the Class of 2020 have been accepted in College.

As you can see, we are making a difference!

An important part of our program is our "Summer Bridge" which requires all our new 9th graders to spend part of July in our Summer Bridge Program that provides Legal Simulations and acclimates the new students to our school culture of Law and Social Justice. Law Students from NY Law School teach a two week period exposing our new 9th graders to the Law and they role-play legal simulations such as testimony at Court or at a Congressional Hearing. We are in need of continuing this vital part of our program and are asking you to help. Than you for your generous support. Any donation will go a long way and nothing is too big or too small. $100 will help to buy three books for a classroom library and $500 help pay for three students to take a college visit.

Please visit our school website, www.chslsj.org, to learn more about the great things happening at Law and Social Justice.

Thank you.