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Tabby Town is a rescued cat's home between homes. Your contribution will truly help us so we can continue our mission and save more orphaned cats and kittens. Tabby Town's primary expenses include our veterinary costs to help all our animals heal and stay healthy, our operational costs, food and litter for our residents, and other unavoidable expenses necessary to stay viable. We need your help to continue our work! To date, Tabby Town has found forever homes for over 4,600 cats and kittens~~but we have so much more work to do. Your donation really does directly impact our mission and means so very much to us and to our furry friends who rely on us to help them heal and go home. Thank you for making a difference. Your immediate donation will help us fund medical costs to save twenty-five recently rescued, orphaned cats and kittens who need veterinary care within the next two months so that they can find their happy, forever homes in the near future! These animals, who have journeyed so far to find sanctuary at Tabby Town, are in need of proper care so they can heal, become strong, and finally enjoy the lives they so deserve.

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