Friends Of The Livermore Public Library

Friends Of The Livermore Public Library
Friends Of The Livermore Public Lib...
GoFundMe Charity : Jan 22, 2017
Tax ID: 94-2529895
BASED: Livermore, CA, United States


Amazing programs!

We support the most incredible Public Library system in the world by supporting amazing programs for residents of all ages and interests. Although some programs are focussed single age groups, many (like Livermore Reads Together) have programs and activities for all ages so the entire community can be involved.

Friends of the Livermore Library (FOLL) is a 501c(3) non-profit organization founded to support the Livermore Public Library in Livermore, California. The organization both supports and participates in events within the community as well as the communities of Friends of other libraries in the Alameda County and on a national basis. FOLL accepts donations and in turn sells donated books and other materials to support and underwrite many of the activities at the Library.  These can be one-time funding requests for materials to support the community or ongoing activities.

Tax ID: 94-2529895 •


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