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Friends of JCDS

Friends of JCDS, Inc started as a non profit organization to address the needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who receiving their residential, day, employment and case management services from Johnson County Developmental Supports. Friends has evolved over the years to focus their efforts in two areas: Affordable Housing and addressing Un-Met Needs.

http://www.friendsofjcds.com Tax ID 48-1088092


 “To enhance the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by supporting JCDS’ people and programs when additional resources are needed.”

Our mission has been and will continue to be the core motivator for promoting affordable and accessible housing for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Johnson County. For the last 26 years, Friends of JCDS has been renovating houses to meet the needs of those served residentially by Johnson County Developmental Supports (JCDS). As a separate entity providing affordable and accessible houses we have been able to support the affordable housing needs of JCDS, yet remain independent of the day to day services. This allows us to further promote and focus on housing and accessibility needs, providing us with the opportunity to on our core mission, not day to day services.

Our mission also includes addressing other emerging needs that impact health, safety and independence for individuals served by JCDS. We do this  through our Special Assistance Fund. This fund is accessed by individuals served to help them achieve goals, increase their independence and providing them with additional resources for urgent and un-met needs.