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Friends of Hopkinton SEPAC

Helping Parents and Students Navigate Special Education in Hopkinton


Friends of Hopkinton SEPAC 

503c charitible fundraising foundation  


100% of the funds raised by our Boston Marathon runner benefit the Hopkinton students and community through the Navigator scholarship.  The Navigator Scholarship is offered to High School Senior students in Hopkinton by the Friends of Hopkinton SEPAC.  The scholarship is open to students formerly or currently receiving services through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan, and is granted each year to deserving students who are continuing their education by either attending college or transitioning to adult services and schools.

Additional funds raised by Friends of Hopkinton SEPAC through other means are used to continue to benefit our community with additional programming and opportunities including:

Educational Workshops

Workshops on  educational and learning differences for parents, teachers, and students.

Guest Speakers

Free events open to the public on various topics related to learning differences, differing abilities, and mental health

"Inspiration" Awards 

Awards recognizing both teachers and teaching paraprofessionals in special education in Hopkinton who have gone over and above to inspire, support and motivate children

What is a SEPAC?

SEPAC stands for Special Education Parent Advisory Council.

The SEPAC is comprised of individuals involved in, or concerned with, the education of students with disabilities. Membership is open to parents of students with disabilities and differing abilities, teachers, administrators, individuals with disabilities, and members of the community.

How Can SEPAC Help?

When a child struggles in school, parents may feel frustrated, helpless, angry, sad, and alone. Hopkinton SEPAC welcomes you into a network of supportive parents who have had similar experiences. SEPAC members provide information and support to help other parents feel empowered and optimistic about their child’s education.

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Hopkinton  SEPAC Website:  http://www.hopkinton-sepac.org/